The tree outside my window was a crack of black lightening

that stood, everlasting, in the night,

as the night.

As the murmurings of distant human life make their way into my night,

I sense the tree’s silent dignity against the din.

While I laid back and simply let it in,

Into my night.



Detail from El Greco’s “Laocoön” (1610–1614)

An eternity in a moment affords the chance to observe

the fleeting things

with the careful eye of a gazer.

A cloud, in nature’s wondrous way,

is a temple of an instant

which levitates and pulses, disassembles, and in fine felt-threads of vapor

stitches together the foam of roaring time.

They become forms which the human mind,

granted audience,

may see but once, and nevermore.



Romy Aran

I’m a student investigating the complexities of the cosmos and of our society, two facets of reality shaping our understanding of the universe.